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The Hives at The Enmore 2011


The Hives 2I had the pleasure of seeing and photographing The Hives at The Enmore Theatre in Sydney in 2011. They were the most entertaining band I've seen. They were very theatrical while musically were perfect. It was a great concert and they must never be missed!

The Hives 5They gave the photographers plenty to work with!

The Hives 9Including leaping off the drum stage...

The Hives 3and clowning around!

Glen Parker



Ruziyani   08/05/2012

Shelley - Beautiful pics Sarah, his bright blue eyes just melt your heart. He sure is a hodmsane little man. Love the one of him on his belly with the denim hat. So sweet!


Elvira   07/08/2013

Pleeeez come to Finland next year!!!!!!!!!! ( Those darn Swedes got you now.. )- Your first visit was magic, I still consider it one of the best cocterns I've seen. Next time will be even sweeter, I promise.Holiday greetings from the the snowland.


Jaylyn   06/03/2014

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Elanseteven   18/12/2015

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