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Smith Rock Oregon


SunHittingSmithRockWe got up at 3:30am to head off on a 2 1/2 hour drive to Crater Lake for a sunrise shoot. An hour into the drive we decided that the chances of getting a good sunrise wasn't good, so we turned around and drove back and beyond Bend (where we are staying) another half an hour to try Smith Rock. The previous day while shooting Ponderosa Pines nearby, it started to snow on us and it snowed most of the night to even give the rarely snowed on Smith Rock area a dusting of fairy dust. This image is one of about 10 shots from this morning... I don't even think it's going to be the best because earlier the clouds were a beautiful pink colour. Crater Lake looks like it'll be perfect weather for sunrise tomorrow so we're going to give it another crack.

PreDawnSmithRockThe shot I took half an hour earlier had the early morning orange glow before the sun directly before the sun directly hit the rock. The colours and light are dramatically different.

Glen Parker



Wendy   11/02/2012

Those morning rays are most definitely magical! Beautiful colors, detail, & DOF. Looking forward to seeing what other beauty you have and will capture on this trip! Safe travels to you and your companions...


Ricky   08/05/2012

I still can't believe how beiauuftl everything turned out! These images (and the rest) capture the mood and personality of this wedding and us!!!! Thank you so much, and we are so glad you were involved!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to get the CD and order prints so I can hang them up in our house!


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