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My School Act 2011


In December 2011, I was asked to photograph the finalists of the My School Act band competition. 

My School Act 1

My School Act is competition where musicians from every metro, regional and rural high

school across Australia are being given an opportunity like never before, the chance of scoring a recording deal with Sony Music Entertainment to the value of $50,000 as well as being included in the lineup at Australia’s biggest touring music festival the Big Day Out 2012 all thanks to MySchoolAct, powered by Motorola.

MySchoolAct is an online music and talent competition exclusively created for Australian high school students with a passion for the music industry. MySchoolAct supports the music infrastructure within schools and is FREE to enter.

It was a lot of fun to photograph and because each of the five bands in the final had only 2 songs to impress the judges, you got some great performances and images.

It was challenging because we didn't have a special partitioned area at the foot of the stage... I just had to push to the front and use my elbows alot. Look out for 44th Sunset, the band that won!

Here are some shots from the night.

My School Act 3My School Act 6

My School Act 2My School Act 5

My School Act 4

Glen Parker



Carley   12/01/2012

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Lamyae   18/12/2015

A fine treat indeed; sorry to hear thnigs have been so tough. I've been buried in deadlines so I have been oblivious to the world (as my brother texting me at some ungodly hour of the morning to ask me whether I was watching [that event] found out). The Au Pairs! A memory flash -- and Armatrading, so very good. I was surprised when I finally got to see her how girlish she was in her movement, light and springy. Wonderful.


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