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Mt Hood


Mt Hood At It's BestOne of the most beautiful sights you could see in the world is Mt Hood Oregon in winter. Sean, who took us to all the right places at the right time, decided that Mt Hood for a mornings sunrise would work... and it did. I have some other to add to this blog later, but I just had to get it up. You know when you start the day with a view like this  the rest of the day is going to be ok. I like how the repeating patterns of the shape of the blue section of the sky and the shape of the orchard in the foreground mirror, but it's probably the colour of the clouds, the snow lit by the morning sun as it's blown off the peak as well as the outstanding view of the mountain that does it for me. Anyway, I'll add more shots of Mt Hood to this blog over the next few days.

Mt Hood In CloseIt's amazing the colours that are reflecting off Mt Hood.

Glen Parker



Wendy   25/02/2012

Spectacular captures, Glen! Truly, a majestic sight...


AbrarmAbrarve   27/04/2012

Lofty bye, sentimental alternative other :)


AbrarmAbrarve   04/05/2012

Good bye, considerate soul mate :)


Elo   08/05/2012

Agreed. This photo has such a vintage-y feel. It would make such a llveoy postcard (hint, hint). :)Looks like I'm going to have to add Trillium Lake to my list of Oregon Dream Destinations.


AbrarmAbrarve   09/05/2012

Good bye, considerate chum :)


Dhe   06/08/2013

Glen,I begin listening to you in July each year conisstently, between Jan and July I sneak you in here and there. I hope this finds you in better health.Thank you for all that you do. Love the website and love the music.Rieta


Latrice   06/03/2014

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XRumerTest   30/05/2014

Hello. And Bye.


Klarrissapn   10/09/2016


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