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Morning Colours


Morning BeautyI took this last Saturday morning. It's interesting how long exposures show us the true colours of nature. The shutter speed was 62 seconds and because of that, the water, which is generally white when crashing around the rocks, reflects the main light source. The blue sky is the main light source, so the water is the intense sky blue colour. Tthe orange glow where the sun will eventually come up spots areas, such as clouds, rocks and water with the orange colour. The longer the exposure the longer the time the colours hit the camera sensor, so the more intense are the colours.
I used my usual 4 stop reverse Singh Ray filter on this to increase the image dynamic range by darkening the sky area only.
Have a great day!

Glen Parker



Zarya   09/01/2012

Kick the tires and light the fires, problem ofifically solved! Love the photo!


Mao   07/08/2013

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Keydren   06/03/2014

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