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Moody Clouds


Collaroy Mood SwingsThe same morning I captured the image of the nature's colours, the clouds took over the scene just after the first image and I was able to swing the camera around and take a vertical shot emphasising the cloud formations as it rushed overhead. The water movement in the foreground, leading around the little island takes your eye easily up to those fantastic clouds.

Beam Me Up ScottyThen I packed up! But! I noticed the beams in the distance starting to appear and quickly put my camera gear back together and ran down to the beach. I quickly found some foreground interest and took a shot. The water in the foreground creates a good strong leading line to the light reflecting in the water which pulls your eye through to the beams. I left the light above the clouds lit up to help the eye wander all over the image and to include this area.

Glen Parker



Wendy   05/01/2012

Having sunlight become visible shafts of light has always created a feeling of happiness in me... they always bring a smile to my face. However, as much as I'm smiling about the beams breaking through the blue violet clouds... the first image takes my breath away... and apparently my words. Phenomenal and magnificent come to mind... and WoW!! All the elements came together perfectly! I truly feel it is one of your best...


Zakia   18/12/2015

kelvin-helmholtz waves, I believe. you'll see these oclsoianacly over the front range. in the almost five years that i have been here, i've only seen them a couple of times.m


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