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Forresters Beach



This is my first blog, so please be patient.

Forresters Beach U-Turn Rock

I recently stayed overnight with some friends on the Central Coast (Lisarow)  and decided to get up early the next morning to have a go at getting a sunrise shot at a nearby beach. The closest beach was Forresters. I got there an hour before sunrise, but even though the tide was a  low 0.2 m, the swell was huge with waves crashing all over the place. What made it even more difficult was that there was also a strong southeasterly wind, which constantly took all the spray from the waves all over the lens and filters. It actually took me 50 minutes of searching for a protected spot worthy of a photograph. When I say protected, I really mean that I only had to clean my filter once every 2 shots. It just so happened that this spot also had a very interesting foreground with a natural U -shaped ledge taking your eye to the middle ground rocks and then onto the very interesting sky.I ended up with three shots that I'm happy with. They were all taken with a 4-stop Singh Ray Reverse Graduated filter with the camera set to aperture priority and f16. I focused on the closest foreground and away I went.. With this first shot, there was no colour in the sky, but by converting to Black and White, the image just popped.

Forresters Beach U-Turn Rock with Colour

The second shot was taken 5 minutes later. The sky was just starting to colour up. By this time, I'd cleaned the filter about 20 times and I was starting to think that this morning is going to be dud! But...







Merry Xmas AgainThe last shot was the money shot! I nearly went home from disgust. I was getting so frustrated with having to constantly clean the filters and it didn't seem like I was going to get much colour even though the cloud shapes were brilliant. It just shows. Persistence pays!


Having not been to this spot before, I can only put the great composition I got purely down to where the wind wasn't as severe. I'd like to say it was skill, but...


I have some band shots that I took just before Christmas that I'll put up soon.

Glen Parker



Joy   02/01/2012

These shots are the best I've ever seen ....thank you for sharing


Chris   03/01/2012

Excellent shots, persistence definitely does pay.


Sue   03/01/2012

The images are so real looking it makes you feel like you are standing there with you.
The serenity is amazing


Wendy   05/01/2012

More than persistence...

A person close to my heart once told me, 'We create our own luck... with desire comes motivation to achieve, and then you'll expose yourself to the risk of success.' I'm pretty sure it was your passionate desire to capture a stunning image (or multiple images) of this novel shoreline that motivated you to make a series of choices and resulted in exactly what you had set out to do. The ability to make rapid informed choices is a talent; talent is skill. It was most definitely skill that led to your success, and I'll be anxious to see future images of Forresters Beach... whether under more ideal conditions or not.


Mildred   10/01/2012

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