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Crater Lake Oregon


Winter at Crater Lake OregonCrater Lake, Oregon,  has been one of many highlights on this trip to the U.S. Sean Bagshaw has taken us to the best places on the planet and has turned the perfect weather button on! We got up at 3am and drove the 3 hours to Crater Lake from Bend, Oregon. Once there, we had to get going as sunrise was starting. So I took off and ran in the snow (which isn't easy) about 2 km around the rim looking for a clear treeless view of the lake and crater. As you can see by the image, I found the perfect spot and took this shot. It is as cold as it looks! I was on such a high that I'm still smiling.

Glen Parker



Joy   12/02/2012

Captivating shot........Wonderful tonal range ... Dramatic sky, yet the overall feel is one of serenity ....


Wendy   14/02/2012

That's some DEEP snow on the rim! Looks as if snowshoes would have been in order for the morning. Breathtaking shot...


Aksh   08/05/2012

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jrely   10/12/2012

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