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Another Great Sunrise


AxeHead Rock and Roll2The Saturday morning looked like a good one. Lots of clouds and plenty of stars. I hoped for some cloud gaps on the horizon to let the light through to give a nature light show. I wasn't disappointed! Thhe morning started with this one. I chose an interesting rock with the occasional waterfall look when a wave ventured over it.

Axe Head RockThe next shot I extended the shutter speed to about a minute so the rock took a nice form giving a nice pointer to the amazing sky.

The Waterfall with no beginningFor the next shot, I moved the camera a little to take advantage of the tide and swell changes which was providing a nicer looking waterfall action and the clouds and colour show weren't disappointing either.

Hell or High WaterAfter I got the shots I wanted, I ventured down the beach towards these rocks. I've always loved these rocks but I've never done them justice before. I love the drama created by the clouds and the leading lines of the craggy dark brooding rocks.

Dragon BackThis is my last shot of the morning. The cloud lit up red for about 30 seconds and I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time to capture it! These series of images captured the morning perfectly for me. It was a great morning to be out.

Glen Parker



Kash   08/05/2012

selby parker - the pics..thank you so much for cinpuratg our the one where the boys are running because of the way Reid is looking at his brother!October 25, 2009 10:12 am


Valery   07/08/2013

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