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Alice Cooper at The Enmore Theatre - 26th Sept 2011


I had the pleasure of photographing Alice Cooper at his Enmore Theatre Show in 2011. Not only was it a brilliant concert, but being one of my heroes, I was lucky to produce shots of the emotion, theatre and showmanship of the man and the band. The lighting was very tricky, but by moving around, you could pick the best spots. He really knows how to work the audience and the cameras.

Alice Cooper at The Enmore Theatre 1Alice strutting his stuff!

Alice Cooper at The Enmore Theatre 15Alice and the power he has over the audience!

Alice Cooper at The Enmore Theatre 10Alice in control!

Alice Cooper at The Enmore Theatre 3Alice leaning on his crutch!

Alice Cooper at The Enmore Theatre 17Alice's bass player.

Glen Parker



Zabrina   10/01/2012

Hot damn, looking pretty ufseul buddy.


Sam   06/08/2013

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