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A Cranky Newport Sunrise


Sunrise At Newport2I woke at 4am hoping for a cloudy and interesting sunrise. I wasn't disappointed. There was a 22% chance of raincoupled with a fast rising huge high tide of 1.8m at sunrise.I found this interesting rock for the foreground interest and selected a vertical format because it worked with the positioning of this rock. After wiping my filters clean after being splashed by the slightly unamused sea, I finally got some shots off. I waited for the right wave to reach the shore on the right of the image so the white water covered a lot of the rocks. This gave the image a little more balance.

Glen Parker



Wilmert   07/05/2012

The pictures are fauubols. I can't wait to see all the rest of them. What a great idea giving everyone access to the pictures our entire family was talking about how exciting it was that we will be able to see all the photos. From what I have seen so far, you have done a fantastic job.


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